Sedex is a platform for exchanging Supply chain ethical performance, Unlike BSCI  Sedex audit can be initiated either by Seller( B Member) or a Buyer( A member).

Sedex Reports are called as SMETA audit reports and are based on ETI ( Ethical Trade Initiative ) Code of Conduct. Sedex Audits by AAG and ACG are accepted by buyers across the globe. However Quality  and exhaustiveness of the SMETA report is a key concerns for the buyers and this is where EUROCERT’s consistently high quality Reports  are an advantage for the buyers and sellers alike.

Eurocert is now accepted as a ACG Auditor by Sedex to conduct third party audits . This  gives Eurocert some additional functionality in the Sedex Database

EUROCERT is a preferred choice for the buyers of the Western World because of

-Competent  and Ethical English Speaking  Auditors in India China, Bangladesh and other Asian and European Countries

-Quick Response Time

-A high  standard of  Reporting which is appreciated by Buyers